Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Our NGA operator has been ranked the 4th best for broadband service value in the World.

Point Topic’s latest research shows that our start-up operator in Sweden is 4th in a global ranking of the best value for broadband services. The company is profitable despite the low prices in some metro markets.

This reflects the hard work of the team as well as a focus on operational excellence that means the company also operates with good customer satisfaction while having 2,500 subscribers per employee!

It has grown with our help (but very little finance) to:

120,000 subscribers

Retail and wholesale

Business and residential customers

  • FTTH services include residential:
  • 100 mbps symmetric
  • <$12 per month in some cities (profitably)
  • Internet, voice and TV
  • 1,500 POPs
  • FTTH, xDSL and WiMAX
  • ~1,000,000 homes passed
Lowest cost/megabit by country, operator and tariff – the top 10 (PPP rates) - Point Topic research

Country, ISP and tariff


Hong Kong, HKBN, (bb Fibre Home 1000)


Japan, KDDI, (FTTH AU-Hikari Mansion Giga)


Romania, Romtelecom, (Clicknet Power)


Sweden, Riksnet, (Riksnet Broadband 100)