Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Project and Program Management

We have developed effective approaches to the management of complex multi-company/multi-national programmes and projects.  This methodology has been captured in a book, written by one of our partners and published by Kogan-Page.  It also forms the basis for our one, three and five day training courses and recovery programs.

Project Management – we help companies understand the position of their projects, rescue failing projects, develop a project leadership culture in the organisation and spread this through project management training

Our approach is based on experience from carrying out management and turnarounds into both software and hardware projects/programmes of up to $1 billion investment.

We can:

  • help assess the real status of your projects and programmes
  • lead and turnaround the toughest projects - leaving behind improved project leadership and management practices
  • train your teams to manage projects
  • improve project success rate
  • ensure more on-time deliveries
  • provide accurate and useful updates
  • reduce the need for management involvement

Contact us if you want to manage projects better in the future.


Program Management - implementing complex programmes and the systems and processes needed to keep them on track (e.g. go to market and rollout program)

Program management takes the challenges of individual project management and multiplies it between numerous projects – each challenging and dependent on the outcomes of other projects.

We know how to help companies optimise their management of programs:

  • developing effective processes for managing mulit-project risk, quality, issues, timescales, resources, change, releases and costs
  • making good choices about how to allocate resources
  • identifying where to focus management attention
  • providing approrpriate information to manage progress against objectives

If your programs are going wrong then our team can help review where things are going wrong and put them right.