Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Vendor selection support process

Our team supported the company through the six month evaluation process for selection of hardware.  We were also  creating the strategy and commercial/business plans as well as obtaining finance at the same time.

Our support for the CTO included:

  • Review and amendment of RFQ documentation in support of the CTO
  • Contribution to evaluation schemes
  • Evaluation of technical offers across OSS/BSS stack, core, edge, wireless, fibre, inter-city, intra-city, CPE etc for up to 500,000 subscribers in 25 cities
  • Clarification meetings with short-listed vendors
  • Negotiation with vendors
  • Identification of issues created by the technology/vendor choice (e.g. identified error in OSP design that would have cost per > $1750 per subscriber)
  • Review of detailed compliance against specification and modification of evaluation scores as necessary
  • Signing the recommendation of vendor choices across more than $250 million of investment