Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Business Modelling

Ventura Team develops strategies and business models for operators and utilities looking to exploit new opportunities or enhance existing services.

We build highly sophisticated and flexible models that enable us to adjust the model in real time to reflect changes in markets, assumptions etc.  As a result we are frequently invited to share our knowledge (e.g. workshops at conferences including the FTTH Council in Europe and the Middle East, FTTX MENA, LTE MENA, Broadband World Forum - MEA, FTTH Forum).  We have also trained operators, regulators and utilities across three continents.

Examples of our work in modeling includes:

  • $3 billion investment in FTTX network covering millions of homes passed
  • 750,000 customer fixed network for Southern Europe (all fibre)
  • 800,000 subscriber fixed network for the Gulf (WiMAX, xDSL and fibre)
  • 700,000 subscriber fixed network for an African client (WiMAX, xDSL and fibre)
  • Modelling our operator in Sweden (1,000,000 homes passed)
  • Mobile networks in many countries in Europe, the Gulf and Africa