Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

FOCUS - Operator Improvement Program

The FOCUS programme addresses issues within operators – aiming to understand the current situation and then improve performance, increase revenues/margins and grow subscribers.

We work closely with the team to firstly carry out a short diagnostic which we use to identify the problems that are killing the business now.  We look across a number of areas including:


  • Building the right business case
  • Selecting the right strategies
  • Picking the right areas to build


  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance reputation
  • Keep control of operations


  • Building and selecting the right business case
  • Reducing OPEX
  • Selecting the best CAPEX options


  • Capture new customers
  • Deliver to the right segments
  • Improve retention


  • Creating and launching the right products
  • Getting a competitive product mix
  • Develop the right pricing

Once prioritised, we can then help decide which problems need to be addressed in the short term and help the company tackle them to improve revenues/margins, drive subscribers, improve reputation etc.