Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Our Credentials

Ventura Team is unique in that we advise companies, have built operations in our own right and also take hands-on management responsibility for operations.

The orginal founders are now more focused on developing new fibre operations while the 'second gen' team maintain our leadership in FTTH/NGA consulting.

Our team has co-created a number of operations:

  • Start-up Swedish FTTH operator – with strong EBITDA while being in the top five for broadband service value globally (sold to Telia Sonera);
  • Swedish open access, communications operator that runs the fibre for fibre owners across 118 networks and delivers a choice of multiple services from multiple operators.  Grew to number one in Sweden – possibly the most competitive open access FTTH market in the World (sold to Telia Sonera);
  • Co-founder of global open access, communications operator.  Currently powering the best (according to customers) FTTH in South Africa (Vumatel) and with projects on four continents;
Our signature projects include the following:

  • Directing the strategy to implementation and commercial planning for the World’s first incumbent operator to offer 1 Gbps FTTH to all customers (JT).  Included a complete copper to fibre migration and rollout/implementation planning;
  • Commercial and strategy consultant on European FTTH joint venture (SIRO) between an electricity utility and telecom operator (five years engagement overall);
  • Led project team for start-up FTTH operation in Oman based around the wastewater network – creating what became the heart of the National Broadband Network – including strategy, business and market planning, business modelling etc. from the initial idea through to walking the streets checking the deployments (three years);
  • Directed development of commercial and technology strategy for electricity company joint venture with telecom operator for FTTH (Middle East).  Including complete business modelling, costings, deployment methodologies etc. for 1.4 million homes passed.

In consulting terms, we have planned and implemented millions of homes passed, worked on covering hundreds of millions of people with mobile, optimised investments of up to $3 billion and saved up to 25% of network deployment costs for our clients.

The Ventura Team includes highly experienced telecom finance consultants, engineers and executives. Each one has achieved success in senior roles and many have financial transaction experience up to multi-billion value.

At the centre of our values is integrity. We do not pull our punches and we always provide best advice. Consequently our opinions and our name carry weight in the industry.

We are breaking new ground in terms of thought leadership in:

  • Machine to machine communication with the worldwide GSM Association
  • Fibre to the home with various parties including the FTTH Council Europe
  • Project management through a pragmatic practitioners' guide published by a major business book publisher
  • Our work ranges from business case development and strategy consulting to interim management, due diligence and creation of new service propositions

As a next-generation firm we complement our consulting work with investing our own money in selected ventures so we `walk the talk’ (below).

We mainly work across Europe, the Gulf, the US and Asia.  Our mobility means that traditional offices are redundant.  However, we have presences in Cambridge, London, Washington and Dubai.

We work hard to:

  • build realistic, flexible business cases and models – showing realistic costs and revenue scenarios
  • improve business performance – helping organisations deliver products, services and revenues faster
  • create exciting business opportunities for investors and operators
  • build and launch new operators – getting to revenues faster
  • develop and implement the right business strategies
  • define the right technology strategy
  • win telecoms licences against tough competition - at the right price
  • carry out better due diligence – saving clients from costly errors
  • turn around failing projects
  • implant world class, project management