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Smart Cities

Future thinking on Smart Cities and the role of telecoms

We are experts in overcoming the issues and challenges of Smart Cities, campuses and other complex developments.  In addition to consulting on the World's first gigabit everywhere, incumbent network and developing the first near national broadband network in the Gulf, we help premier developments and locations deliver world-class services to tenants and businesses.

We have produced a number of white papers on Smart Cities - reflecting our commitment to the topic.  Our partner Richard Jones was formerly the Chairman of the FTTH Council MENA - Smart Cities Committee and co-founded another Smart Cities organisation.

'The Law and Smart Cities' is covered in an interesting paper written with the assistance of noted telecoms law firm, Charles Russell Speechlys. Download it here.

'Smart Cities and the role of Communications Operators' is available here as a pdf.  

'Why fibre is at the heart of the Smart City' can be found here.

'Selecting the right services for a Smart City' can be found here

'The human aspects of Smart Cities' can be found here.

You can also download our presentation on an approaches to smart city operations here.

Via our company Ventura Next, we can design, build and operate world-class networks with very high efficiencies.


  • We design, build and manages incredibly efficient and profitable operations for network owners – helping them increase take-up, generate higher revenues and deliver world-class services to users 
  • Our team has experience of running networks for 20 operators delivering choice to customers from 200 different services.  
  • We combine being market leader, with learning from planning millions of homes passed and from creating a fibre operator (rated number four in the World for service value) – sharing this learning with our clients Our networks work right… straight out of the box – getting to market quicker, avoiding bad word of mouth and negative impacts on take-up rates
  • Our team has been deploying FTTx networks for 15 years - and we use this knowledge to help our clients build better businesses
  • Selection and activation of services for subscribers, monitoring and test are all fully ‘zero touch’ – delivering exceptional efficiency alongside low capex and operating costs