Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Our History

Ventura Team was formed in 2004 around a vision of creating a next generation consulting company that eliminates the weaknesses of traditional consulting firms for the good of our clients.  

The three founders had all held partner level positions in consulting and/or investment companies as well as c-level positions in operators, and could see the weaknesses in typical consulting firms.  The result is the vision for Ventura.

  • We are happy to share risk with our clients - reflecting our confidence in our ability to make a real difference.
  • We do not employ junior consultants - our clients don't pay to train 20-something year old MBA's. Our team members have been there, seen it and done it - so they'll achieve results faster, minimise mistakes and avoid wasting our client's time getting up to speed on how things are in the real world
  • We don't just talk about building businesses - we have done it for ourselves with our startup in the ultra-competitive Swedish market now reaching 120,000 subscribers and a top 5 global ranking for broadband service value (Point Topic)

Along the way, we have identified high performing individuals and invited them to join the team.  They have shared with us a journey that has taken us to around 30 countries and covered and/or passed millions of homes with busineses we have planned and/or implemented.

We have worked for the main industry bodies (the FTTH Councils in Europe and the Middle East, the GSM-A) as well as incumbents, regulators and even the United Nations.

We've also published our book on managing the toughest projects (Project Management Survival - Kogan Page) and it's even been re-published in Chinese.