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Leading thinking in embedded mobile

In 2008, Ventura Team worked with the GSMA on a market development strategy for an emerging category of devices and services – Embedded Mobile.

The study identified the potential for significant new opportunities although there are considerable hurdles to overcome in the form of value chain and application fragmentation. The recommended market development strategy included a plan to move beyond traditional M2M segments and into new areas such as connected consumer electronics, health care, transport and smart utilities. A summary of the key findings and proposed GSMA strategy can be found here.

One year after the implementation of our strategic recommendations, Embedded Mobile featured as one of the dominant growth themes for the mobile industry at Mobile Asia Congress 2009.

Our work in this emerging market sector has been extended for a range of different client types. For example, we see a major opportunity for embedded mobile solutions in the area of health care and personal wellness. The health care industry will rapidly exhaust its sources of funding while having to deal with a growing population of the elderly and chronically ill. The mobile industry can deliver a range of services to reduce the cost burden and deliver an improved quality of life. This paper, developed with the Institute for Alternative Futures, considers possible operating scenarios along with the threats and opportunities for the health care and mobile industries. Our market analysis and MNO strategy recommendations featured as the opening presentation at the Telco 2.0 Americas event in December 2009 where Ken Figueredo opened the session on mHealth.

In September 2009, the Korean Telecommunications Operators Association (KOTA) invited us to speak at a work shop on the embedded mobile market and opportunity for data MVNOs. This presentation introduces the embedded mobile market and explores MVNO-like opportunities for non-mobile companies.

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