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Identifying the right trade off between FTTH, FTTC, HSPA and LTE for an incumbent

In a major Gulf country, the incumbent  faces the typical complexity that comes with a legacy network.  But they also have poor copper in the ground and, for the first time, the threat of significant wireline competition alongside significant use of 3G as a fixed technology where subscribers are unserved or under-served.

We are working as part of the overall broadband transformation programme run by the Networks Division which aims to transform the access network

Our initial task was to create the outline business case and financial model inc numerous scenarios and estimates for both market demand and cost savings. Based on this the Board approved the overall programme worth $3 billion.

We are now working on technology selection and optimal phasing of deployment at the standard planning unit level for Network Division which is the cabinet. Our model must process and optimise the technology selection & quarterly timing for each of 20,000 such cabinets.