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Stefan Stanislawski

Over almost 20 years helping Boards, senior managers and regulators to make critical decisions in both fixed and mobile telecoms, his work has encompassed all aspects of telecommunications strategy, business development and litigation as well as participating in some $100 billion worth of telecom financings or acquisitions.

Stefan has worked on projects to create the world's fastest FTTH operator as well as planning of a 20,000 cabinet rollout.  He is known for his integrity and clarity of thinking on the most complex problems and topics.

Stefan was the third person to join Analysys and played a major role in its growth from start-up into a globally respected advisory firm. In particular Stefan developed the finance practice that within 5 years of launch had achieved market leadership in due diligence and other transaction support to major West European telecom financings based on its reputation for quality, insight and absolute integrity.

Since co-founding Ventura Team, Stefan has been instrumental in developing major projects across business modelling, due diligence and license bid support.

Widely known across the industry, Stefan is regularly asked to speak at conferences and provides his trademark honest, intelligent and clear opinions on the issues at the heart of the industry.

Stefan is currently focused on developing and investing in new fibre operations alongside Richard Jones.