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FTTH Council conference in Luxembourg - book early for our workshop

Posted by Richard on 8 January 2016 | 0 Comments


We're holding our Mini-MBA in FTTH again at the FTTH Council Europe's conference in Luxembourg.

It starts at 13:00 on 16th February.

Why book early?  Well last year there were 200 people trying to get into a room with space for only 150!

We'll be sharing learning from real FTTH deployments, not theories or consulting blah blah, across four continents and with our own learning from more than 120 deployments.

We'll include the world's first gigabit everywhere networks, two National Broadband Networks, GPON and P2P, what works and what doesn't.

We'll also share the keys to a successful open access deployment - important with the current wave of EU funding.

Otherwise, you can meet Mikael Sandberg, Stefan Stanislawski and myself at the conference.  Contact me to make an appointment - richard@venturateam.com.