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FTTH Council Europe - Conference 2017 in Marseille

Posted by Richard on 5 January 2017 | 0 Comments


The FTTH Council Europe Conference is the one event you have to attend if you're involved in Fiber to the Home.  The next event is being held in Marseille from 14th to 16th February and we are proud to be analyst partners once again.  We have produced an important report for the Council on the current challengs for European deployment of FTTH - and some innovative solutions that continues to be referenced.  Also our operator Ventura Next now has contract on three continents with a background of more than 120 open access networks.  

Please use discount code FTTH39MAR when registering for a discount on your registration fee.

In the past, we have worked with the Council on seminal industry reports such as this report presented by Stefan Stanislawski .  

If you want to learn about the cutting edge of FTTH there will be the usual and unusual presentations and panels, backed up by an extensive exhibition and special display areas - but all in the home of broadband innovation.

Our team will be on hand to discuss how we built the number 4 broadband operator in the world (our own startup) and our work planning $3 billion network investments and the world's first, gigabit everywhere incumbent operator.

Find Ventura in the Analyst area and enjoy the show!